closer in short
[Oct. 07, 2010 - in short]

tribe everything
in terms of the years that pass us by

i pass us by
no i pass us by

so everything that happened yesterday

it all started when i got my head choked

i n n o c e n t promises
i have a lot to lose
well it's better that way

oh you speak to me in riddles
you speak to m e in rhymes

my words keep you alive?

i'll take your breathe away
and after i
wipe away the tears
just clothes (closes) your eyes dear

w a k i n g d r e ams

to hold you down
kiss you so hard
i'll take your breathe away

has small hands

her real name is juel

she changed it

lets see

i been down so long
hands my hands are small i know
barack moved you you liked moztart

wrote everything

oh love
it's better than everything
we'll fight

down at the place we started from


dont let me down

i been down so long
oh it can't be longer still
oh i've be been down so long
'oh it cant be longer still

x / o